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The beast is designed by Can Atak;while the engineering is provided by Osman Ender Kalender and Production team by Marin Craft founder and Dinamar Marine owner Dogan Yalaz.

10.60 meter full length P35 has 3.70 meter beam, which increases to 5.51 meter when starboard and port platforms are opened for seating and sunbathing. The 90x330 cm platforms offer the spaciousness of a mega yacht in this smartly designed vessel.

Another feature of this beast is the 2.05 meter height all around, including Saloon, Helm, Master cabin and Guest Cabin allowing the guests move comfortably without having to bend.

Within the garage on stern, a 2 meter long, single outboard-engined boat is concealed. It is placed for pleasure and Security in case of emergency.

P35 can be equipped with single or twin engines which allows him to reach high speeds.

Compared to his competitors, the beast offers luxurious features with affordable prices.

Technical Specifications

10,60 meter
3,70 (max 5,51) meter
70 cm
7.5 tons (Dry Weight)
Max Speed
Volvo Penta D6 370*
24 Knots**
*single or double engines with various dimensions can be placed
**reached on dry weight
P35 General
P35 axonometric
P35 Top
P35 Starboard
P35 axonometric starboard
P35 axonometric port
P35 Planing
P35 Bow Seatings and Tables
P35 Bow Cushions
P35 Bow Seating
P35 Cup Holder Detail
P35 Aft Dining Table
P35 Saloon
P35 Kitchen
P35 Saloon Dining Table
P35 Console - Dashboard
P35 Master Cabin
P35 Master Cabin 2
P35 Master Cabin 3
P35 2nd Cabin
P35 3rd Cabin
P35 Bathroom
P35 Sun Bathing
P35 Logo Detail
P35 Cockpit and Glass Door
P35 Cap Detail
P35 Starboard Cabin Exterior Detail
P35 Starboard Opened
P35 Sun Bathing
P35 Sunroof Detail
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